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    Petroleum Refinery Applications

    Gas Natural Recovery Flare Gas Recovery Systems are used worldwide in oil and petroleum refineries to reduce gas emissions and offset against the plant’s purchased fuel. Read More...

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    Landfill & Biogas

    Landfills and wastewater facilities across the globe rely on Gas Natural Recovery’s emission-reducing biogas flare systems to effectively eliminate methane and other gas pollutants generated from the degradation of all kinds of solid and liquid waste. Read More...

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Flare Gas Recovery Systems

Gas Natural Recovery designs pioneering flare gas recovery systems. Our solutions enable any facility which requires flare systems to achieve pollution minimization with the enhanced benefit of valuable payback. The optimal flare gas recovery system can result in an almost complete reduction in flaring, rendering flare operation necessary only for emergency release and scheduled maintenance. Collected flare gas can subsequently be reutilizedas required, thus reducing costly emissions, providing you with total environmental control and an immediate return on your investment.

Comprehensive Flare Gas Recovery Solutions

• System Design

Gas Natural Recovery’s dedicated engineering team will work hand in hand with you to design and supply the correct system for your needs. From project outset to completion we’ll ensure that your flare gas recovery system is totally optimized to reduce all CO, CO2, NOx and SOx emissions.

• Engineering

Gas Natural Recovery offers a fully comprehensive engineering assessment packageto analyze your specific system and thereby evaluate the practical and economic feasibility of installing our unique flare gas recovery system at your facility.

• Compressor

Gas Natural Recovery’s engineering specialists will evaluate all compressor technologies— screw, reciprocating, liquid ring and sliding vane— in order to determine which will be best suited for your specific requirements.

Gas Natural Recovery can help you to integrate our world-beating flare gas recovery system technology with your specific flare system. We can offer on-site training and start-up assistance, worldwide parts and service support and all the expert technical assistance you will need to keep yourfacility operating at peak performance.

To learn more about how our flare gas recovery systems can integrate with your facility or should you wish to discuss a more specific issue contact Gas Natural Recovery’s flare gas recovery support group.

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