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    Petroleum Refinery Applications

    Gas Natural Recovery Flare Gas Recovery Systems are used worldwide in oil and petroleum refineries to reduce gas emissions and offset against the plantís purchased fuel. Read More...

Gas Natural Recovery - Carbon

Carbon Credit Projects

As the waste, agricultural and refinery industries focus ever more on emission elimination, Gas Natural Recovery and its unique pollution-control solutions will play an increasingly active and vital role in carbon credit projects. Since 2006, Gas Natural Recovery has been providing the international carbon exchange market with the most efficient flare systems and advanced clean-air technologies thus helping to maximize credits and assist global operations in working cleaner and more efficiently. Gas Natural Recovery are acknowledged experts in international shipping, manufacture and technical support.

Whatever your requirement regarding your carbon credit project Gas Natural Recovery offers the technological experience, knowledge and proven track record to help you to work more efficiently and to simultaneously protect the environment.

To learn more about how our flare gas recovery systems can integrate with your facility or should you wish to discuss a more specific issue contact Gas Natural Recoveryís flare gas recovery support group.

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