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    Flare Gas Recovery Systems

    Gas Natural Recovery designs pioneering flare gas recovery systems. Our solutions enable any facility which requires flare systems to achieve pollution minimization with the enhanced benefit of valuable payback. Read More...

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    Petroleum Refinery Applications

    Gas Natural Recovery Flare Gas Recovery Systems are used worldwide in oil and petroleum refineries to reduce gas emissions and offset against the plant’s purchased fuel. Read More...

Gas Natural Recovery - Biogas

Landfill & Biogas

Landfills and wastewater facilities across the globe rely on Gas Natural Recovery’s emission-reducing biogas flare systems to effectively eliminate methane and other gas pollutants generated from the degradation of all kinds of solid and liquid waste.

Gas Natural Recovery offers a totally integrated solution to the biogas industry delivering more than 98 percent destruction efficiency while simultaneously protecting the environment. Across the whole spectrum of flaring systems from low-emission enclosed and elevated flares to blower skid packages, digester flare systems, and cutting-edge monitoring and data management systems, Gas Natural Recovery can provide the systems, engineering support and industry-leading clean-air engineering and technology to keep your landfill or wastewater facility operating both cleaner and more economically.

Gas Natural Recovery’s biogas flares are assembled and tested at our International Research and Development Test Center to ensure peak performance under a wide spectrum of real-world operational conditions. We also providea world-wide parts and support service, emergency technical assistance and plant rental, and year-round accredited courses to ensure that your biogas systemis maintained at maximum operational capacity and within EPA regulations.

To learn more about how our flare gas recovery systems can integrate with your facility or should you wish to discuss a more specific issue contact Gas Natural Recovery’s flare gas recovery support group.

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