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Announcement 22nd February 2016

Core Mining Limited, as a Special – Purpose Acquisition Company is a shell company that currently has no operations however it aims to go public with the intention of merging with or acquiring Gas Natural Recovery Management with the proceeds of Core Mining Limited’s initial public offering raised capital.

Core Mining Limited will be sold via an initial public offering in $6 units consisting of one common share and two “in the money” warrants, the purchase of common shares at $5 a common share at a future date, usually within four years of the offering.

Core Mining Limited will trade as units or as separated common shares and warrants separately than Gas Natural Recovery Management on the OTC Bulletin Board under SEC rule 419.
Trading liquidity of Core Mining Limited securities provides investors with a flexible exit strategy.

In addition, the public currency enhances the position of Core Mining Limited when negotiating the business combination with its acquisition target – Gas Natural Recovery Management.

The common share price of $5 must be added to the trading price of the warrants in order to get an accurate picture of Core Mining Limited’s performance in the present market.

By market convention, 85% to 100% of the proceeds raised in the IPO for Core Mining Limited are held in trust to be used at a later date for the merger or acquisition of Gas Natural Recovery Management.

The assets of the trust are released by shareholders vote and should it not be consummated within 24 months of the initial offering then it guarantees a minimum liquidation value per share in the event that a business combination is not effected.

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